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As an experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Master Ruth applies her knowledge of herbal medicine and the principles of the Five elements to create this set of dietary-grade essential oils which is perfect for beauty, healing and cooking.


This kit contains 5X5ml pure essential oils (EO) that resonates with the energies of the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Elements. These oils are 100% pure and natural and were extracted from organic herbs through the highest distilling standards in France.

The Wood Element associates with the Liver System which regulates the flow of qi and governs the emotional health.

The Fire Element associates with the Heart System which enhances blood circulation and controls the mind and spirit.

The Earth Element associates with the Spleen System which governs digestion and promotes nutrients absorption.

The Metal Element associates with the Lung System which administers respiration and boosts immunity.

The Water Element associates with the Kidney System which plays an important role in fertility and reproduction, promotes longevity and regulate fluid metabolism.

Master Ruth 5 Elements Oil Set 5x5ml

  • Product size: 5ml
    Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic, Dietry Grade

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