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Confinement Tea/ Soup

Confinement tea and soup are traditional Chinese remedies that are believed to help new mothers recover from childbirth and boost their overall health. The ingredients used in confinement tea and soup are carefully chosen for their health benefits. For example, some common ingredients include ginger, red dates, goji berries, and Chinese yam, which are believed to improve digestion, boost energy levels, and promote blood circulation.


What are the benefits?

  • Ensure speedy uterus recovery

  • Enhance milk production

  • Prevent premature aging (eg hair loss, saggy skin, Osteoporosis)

  • Restore body strength and boost immunity

  • Regulate digestion

  • Improve sleep quality

Why Master Ruth Postpartum Confinement Nourishing Soup Treatment is your best choice?

  1. Made-to-order: Master Ruth's postpartum confinement nourishing soup treatment is made-to-order traditional herbal soup to satisfy a new mom’s nutritional needs for “Qi” (vital energy) and blood replenishment, protein, calcium, and milk production.

  2. Free consultation: To ensure that your soup treatment best suits your unique body type, Master Ruth would do a consultation with you to understand your condition and history before she customizes your soups The consultation fee which is valued $500 would be waived if you order a set of the soup.

  3. Convenient and safe: Under Master Ruth’s supervision, an experienced food factory for the production of herbal teas and soups is commissioned to prepare the soups for you and deliver them to your doorsteps. You could simply reheat the frozen soups with a microwave or direct cooking for less than 10 minutes. Of course, you could also choose to order fresh ingredients and make the soup yourself at home.

  4. Great value, great taste: The whole set includes 30 packs (5X6 recipes) of frozen soup with each pack contains 500ml of nutrients-packed tasty potion. The price of the whole set is HKD$3880-$4280/30packs and it would be good enough for a whole month’s use.

Why Master Ruth Fried Rice tea is another trusted choice for confinement replenishment?

  • Quality ingredients: All ingredients are carefully selected and packed in Hong Kong, sulphur-free, and naturally sun-dried. The tea consists of fried Japanese Pearl rice and Thai red rice, mixed with black dates, longan, goji berries, tangerine peel and Codonopsis Pilosula.

  • Natural remedy: This tea set includes nutritiously-packed Chinese herbs and is prescribed by Master Ruth to help new moms during the postpartum phase. The two formulas, one focuses on better qi and the other on blood replenishment, are all-natural solution for quick recovery.

  • Great value, great taste: Each set contains 30 packs of tea with two formulas that are perfect for a whole month's use. With less than $30/day, the fragrance of fried rice and herbal would definitely be a great enjoyment during your confinement period.

  • Simple to use: Put the ingredients into a teapot, add 300ml of 85-90°C hot water, cover the lid and steep for 15-30 minutes. Take twice daily.

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