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Why every woman should do Breast Massage regularly?

Breast massage is a therapeutic technique that has been used for centuries to promote breast health and wellness. It involves gentle tissue manipulation to improve circulation and reduce pain and discomfort. Your breast tissue extends all the way into the area
under your armpit, and there are many lymph nodes in this part of the body. Massaging them helps stimulate your lymphatic system which is also a great way to increase lymphatic drainage.


What are the benefits?

Breast massage can improve breast health by promoting healthy breast tissue and provides the following benefits if perform regularly:

  • Improve the Lactation Experience: Our specialized massage therapy helps to increase blood flow to the breasts and gently loosens the tissues to reduce sensitivity and discomfort. Additionally, it helps to improve milk flow and reduce the chances of milk duct blockages.

  • Stimulate lymphatic system: Lymphatic buildup can occur, causing an accumulation of fluid. Breast massage helps stimulate the lymph vessels, reducing the risk of lymphedema.

  • Help with Aesthetics:  Breast massage helps to improve the shape, firmness, and overall appearance of your breasts.

  • Reduce menstrual breast swelling and discomfort: The breast area can get quite sore when there's stagnant lymph fluid and may worsen during your menstrual cycle. Breast massage regularly can enhance lymphatic circulation and ease any pain from swollen lymph nodes in that area.

  • Relieve muscle tension:  Breast massage can help to improve posture, reduce tension, and increase circulation to the area. It can also help relieve the soreness from heavy exercise or lifting.

  • Enhance relaxation: This massage helps to enhance relaxation, reduce tension, and promote circulation in the breast area. Our massage therapist would combine essential oils during the massage and provide a full body massage from head to toe, which is great stress relief.

What to expect?

This treatment includes:

● Full body dry brushing
● Aromatherapy massage on the back, breast area, and surrounding tissue
● Hot stone massage on the breast area
● Breast mask therapy to boost skin hydration
● Red light therapy on the bust area to reduce inflammation


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