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5 benefits of Post Partum Acupuncture and TCM

Postpartum is as important as pregnancy and labour in a woman’s life journey. It is vital that you take good care of yourself in this special time so that you could live a healthier life in the future. Postpartum acupuncture, herbal medicine and some other traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) techniques can help with the recovery process after birth and are powerfully beneficial to a mother’s physical and emotional health. Here are 5 main benefits of TCM for postpartum-care:

1, Reduce Post-partum depression and anxiety

After the birth of your baby, your body goes through a drastic hormonal change. Some may find it hard to cope with and suffers from Post-partum depression symptoms such as mood swings, lack of appetite, insomnia or hypersomnia, low libido, not bonding with the baby, some even have suicidal tendencies.

Acupuncture helps to calm the nervous system and allow for a sense of calm in the body and mind. Researchers conclude that acupuncture combined with psychological intervention has a similar total efficacy rate for the treatment of postpartum depression as the drug fluoxetine hydrochloride (Prozac®). Acupuncture can help reduce the brain’s reaction to stress, relieve the depressive and anxious state, regulate and treat the physical symptoms.

2, Rejuvenate the Qi and Blood

Women loses a large amount of qi and blood from the physical birthing process. In China, it is a custom for women to take a 30-day rest and recover the qi and blood. It is called “Sit-the-Month”. During this time the new moms will be resting at home, often supported by herbal medicine, moxibustion and food therapy. It is believed that women should take special care of their body at the period to nurture back the balance of Qi and Blood and to rejuvenate the reproductive system.

3, Restore milk production

Deficient secretion of milk or Postpartum hypogalactia is often caused by weakness after delivery, congenital dysplasia, dietary issues, and stress. In TCM, this condition is primarily caused by deficiency of qi and blood or stagnation of liver qi. Research conducted at the Hanzhong Shanxi Hospital demonstrates that the application of acupuncture significantly boosts lactation quantities and restores normal breast milk production to lactating mothers with low milk secretion levels.

4, Support Breast health

Deficiency of Qi and Blood results in insufficient milk production and liver qi stagnation results in obstruction of breast milk. If obstruction happens, it may cause lactation mastitis, which is an inflammation of breast tissue that results in breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness. Some might have fever and chills. Acupuncture, herbal plasters and herbal tea can work as an alternative to antibiotics for alleviating the symptoms at the early stage of the infection. The natural therapies may also allow mothers to continue breast-feeding while treating the mastitis. 

5, Ease digestive issues

After giving birth, or postpartum, it is common for new moms to notice digestive changes including:

  • Constipation or loose bowel movements

  • postpartum gas

  • feeling bloated

  • Abdominal cramping

Acupuncture, herbal medicine together with dietary therapy could enhance the functions of the  Spleen System which ensures a healthy digestion and boost nutrition absorption.


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