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How to treat acne naturally?

Today, post adolescent acne is increasingly common among women in their late 20's-30's. Western dermatological solutions include birth control, antibiotics, roaccutane and spironolactone…which all come with series of unfavourable side effects.

Many people come to me asking how does Chinese medicine heal acne.

The traditional Chinese medicine sees acne pathology as different patterns of internal balance, for example:

 1, Excess Heat: Usually come from the lung or stomach system. Lesion would be red and painful.  Urine tends to be yellowish urine. Easy to get constipation. Menstrual flow heavy and color bright red.

2, Stagnation: Slow circulation in the blood stream or body fluid that causes stagnation or congestion in the skin. Lesions often look dark red, or even purplish. They linger and often are cystic. Acne will be worse before period which accompanies menstrual cramping and blood clogs.

There are also other pathogens such as toxin and dampness and most of the time they co-exist.

That’s why I always have to ask many questions, from the shape of one's poo to the color of menstrual blood, before I could prescribe a precise herbal formula. Customized herbal formula combines with acupuncture and essential oils will be my primary tools for healing acne. Usually you have to allow roughly two to three 28-day skin renewal cycle to see the most satisfactory results.

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