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People often amazed when they found out that Ruth Lee is already at her mid-fifties. She has applied her time-tested and authentic skills of traditional Chinese medicine in helping many people around the world to stay healthy and youthful, in a natural way.

Ruth has been practising in major cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. She specializes in herbal and acupuncture treatment for women’s health such as fertility,  anti-aging skin treatment, weight control and different kinds of joint pains.

Ruth is an advocate of natural therapies and she merged the salient features of baby massage into Chinese Tuina and has written a book named Soft Touch of Tiger Moms . The book introduces AcuTouchTM pediatric Tuina, which is the perfect preventive care for common children ailments as well as a lovely bonding technique between parents and kids.

Master of Personal Health Management, Baptist University of Hong Kong

Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (007684)

Licensed Dietitian in China (1617000000103648)

Author of Soft Touch of Tiger Moms




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