Both my daughter with eczema and I see Dr. Ruth. She does facial acupuncture for me. I've had 4 or 5 sessions already and my skin began to get firmer after the 2nd session (even my facialist told me so). When I went for my last session yesterday, I told her that I got some muscle soreness in some joint areas due to dragging my work suitcase up and down Central for the last month. She put some needles in those areas and I hardly feel the soreness now. Thank you again!


Dr. Ruth is a very experienced doctor and she’s a great person. I have Endometriosis, and when I had my period I got really bad cramps. It would hurt so much that I would start sweating. Before I saw Dr. Lee my CA125 level raised to 189. Western doctors told me that if I have a baby the pain might go away, but that was not my plan. So I went to see Dr. Ruth and she treated me with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. After one month, my period pain was lessened and my CA125 level actually dropped to 7 and that’s back to the normal range! I’m so grateful that I met Dr. Lee and I have recommended her to my friends. But I am sad that she’s left Shanghai and went back to Hong Kong. I will definitely miss her.


I started seeing Dr. Ruth Lee for acupuncture about 3 months ago for my back and a pulled muscle in my arm that wouldn’t get any better despite constant physio visits. I have done acupuncture before with good result but I was amazed at how quickly my injuries got better with Dr. Ruth. Two nights ago I got an ear infection which left me with a terrible headache as well as fever. I had an appointment already scheduled with Dr. Ruth for my back so I went to see her. She decided to deal with the ear infection and headache which I did not realize was even a possibility with acupuncture. I was certain I would have to visit a GP and need antibiotics. She decided to give me acupuncture, cupping, as well as wet cupping which is like bloodletting. I went along with it as I have grown to trust her completely. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped me through a lot already. She told me that I would sleep like a baby, which is something I hadn’t done for over a week since first noticing the ear infection and headache. I slept, just like she said, like a baby and unbelievably I woke up with hardly any symptoms. I couldn’t believe that TCM could deal with my symptoms so quickly. By the end of the day my ear infection and headache were completely gone. I have grown to love acupuncture as the results I have received have been wonderful. Dr. Ruth is an amazing TCM doctor and I highly recommend her.


We have seen Dr Ruth twice so far for my daughter's autoimmune disease, HSP. She is very knowledgeable, patient, and kind. The herbs and massage she taught me to perform have helped my daughter improve. So thankful to have found her 😊


I strongly recommend Dr Ruth Lee. Being 40 week pregnant, I went for a consultation to help get things / labor going thanks to acupuncture treatment. She was very professional & caring. She took the time needed to listen to my needs and story and found the best ways to address them. The outcome of the consultation was great since the day after (less than 24 hours after the treatment), my labor kicked off naturally and I welcomed my baby 2 hours after!


Just wanna thank Dr Ruth Lee for the wonderful treatment she did to my arm and for introducing the beauty of natural way of healing. Actually that is my first to avail acupuncture and with the help of Dr Ruth I was able to face my fear and thanks Doc for you are so down to earth and so accommodating to us your patient. I will highly recommend you to my other friends needing such a treatment. keep up the good work your passion in performing your duty helps a lots of patient. Looking forward to visit your clinic in due time.


I started to see Dr. Ruth Lee from November, because I had been sick for more than half of the time in 2018. After a couple of times of her consultations and treatments, I started to feel much better and was able to stay healthy at the midst of the current winter influenza season. (Dr. Ruth Lee is) Highly recommended!


I’ve had 2 sessions with Dr. Ruth Lee in the past week and I already feel much better! I’m grateful for her professionalism, support, and genuine care. Looking forward to transforming my health and vitality with her guidance again.


Balance Health is truly amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Ruth lee. She’s excellent, friendly and very professional. I had some sessions of acupuncture with her, and they helped me a lot in relieving stress.


I’ve always trusted Chinese medicine more than Western medicine. I started seeing Dr. Lee every week because the stress from work put a huge toll on my body. I was unable to sleep, had irregular periods, and was experiencing back and shoulder pain, stomachache and headaches. Dr. Lee treated me with acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping or herbal medicine according to my body needs. After 2 months’ treatment, I had no more discomforts. My period was back to normal and my stomach was feeling a lot better. Dr. lee also taught me how to combine nutritional diet with the treatments, the results were great!"


Dr. Lee’s recommendation of dead sea salt bath and coconut oil Tuina works wonders. After using these, my eczema was under control, and I haven’t used any steroid cream since then! 


My first ever cupping and acupuncture was with Rut. Thank you for the explanation of why cupping automatically puts the body into healing state. Helping the lymphatic system and the metabolism to flow. Ruth used the Acupuncture to boast the flow of qi, this I felt straight away. Did any of it hurt, my anticipation was it was going to hurt more than it did. In fact once the cups were on my back, I felt relaxed. I didn’t even notice the needles go in, only the flow of energy. The cupping removed excess moisture from my body, which eased my chest cold. I will definitely repeat this therapy again. Thank you Ruth.


My son (7 years old) was a feeble child. He would easily contract a flu and get a fever when season changes. Moreover, he had allergies and was afflicted by eczema for years. I took him to visit Dr. Lee and I was impressed. She is a great doctor with high standard of professional ethics. She strongly opposed to the abusive use of medications on children. That’s why she would always employ natural therapy such as tuina massage, cupping, umbilical therapy as much as possible. And the results were great. I can see my boy’s body conditions improved and he is now much healthier than before.


The first time my daughter (6 years old), Elsa, saw Dr. Lee she was a little shy. However, Dr Lee’s smile and kindness eventually won my daughter over and she started becoming more comfortable and relaxed when she was receiving Tuina massage treatments. Elsa really likes Dr. Lee, especially when Dr. Lee sings children songs to her when she’s getting Tuina, and she actually think it’s very comfortable and relaxing! When Elsa gets a cold, or a fever we would always use Tuina techniques that Dr. Lee taught us. We all love Dr. Lee!



Have been seeing Dr Ruth Lee for a few months now and saw great improvements in my overall health. Her expertise and meticulous attention to detail have helped me tremendously. Would highly recommend!



Highly recommend Dr. Ruth Lee for acupuncture. Went to see her with a strained hip flexor muscle couple of months ago--I was in so much pain I could barely stand straight. After just one session with her, I was as good as new!



I went to see Dr Ruth to deal with chronic pain, insomnia, sudden onset of cystic acne and all the side effects from chemo-menopause.

"I was a broken person inside out after cancer treatment and having a baby couldn’t be further on my mind in my 40s. My objective was to manage my chronic pain and treat my acne caused by hormonal imbalance. TCM was my last resort to detox and “reset” my body. After several sessions, I started to sleep better, had less pain and now have a healthy miracle 11-week old baby boy – just from getting my hormones and body back in balance. I was told by several medical professionals that I would not be able to conceive even with multiple rounds of ivf, which I accepted children were off the cards for me given my age and aggressive chemotherapy that I went through. I don’t know what Dr Ruth’s fertility treatments entail, but if her non-fertility treatment to nurse the body back to health and balance can help someone like me conceive, I imagine her fertility treatments are more targeted and focused to drive desired results. I really appreciate that Dr Ruth is very focused in treating the root cause not just the symptoms and I feel like a brand new person with more energy than before despite being a new mum."



I did a facial acupuncture with Dr. Lee. She is a very warm person and she made me feel comfortable before the session. I had an injury in the past and I have tried at least 20+ acupuncturists in my life. When Dr. Lee put the needles, I was able to feel an electrical shock and I felt the energy moving into my body. I can tell that she is one of the most experienced acupuncturists that I have ever met! The facial acupuncture is a comprehensive healing: she put needles in my body and then on my face. The session was not painful at all. At the end, I felt that my face was firmer and lifted. Highly recommended!"