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Get the purest and most concentrated fragrance from this diffuser across a large area promptly It use air & vibration to diffuse the oil, vaporize essential oil in mist creating a perfect aroma It improves air quality, allergies, sleep patterns, skin health or release your fatigue robustly - Essential Oils have been used around the world for thousands of years for their healing properties.


Essential Oil diffusers are designed to vaporize essential oil into a mist creating a wonderful aroma. This aroma is thought to have both physical and emotional healing effects. Each unit comes with a wooden base, glass diffuser bottle, glass top and a power supply. Diffuser bottles are available in different shapes but function the same as one another. The diffuser functions by forcing air into one of two micro glass tubes one of which is submerged in a bath of essential oil at the bottom of the diffuser bottle. Air pressure in one of the tubes creates a vacuum effect in the other drawing oil up into the tiny jet of air atomizing the oil into super small droplets of essential oil that diffuse into the air through the top of the glass diffuser bottle. The Aromis diffuser requires no heat or water to function keeping the the essential oil in its natural state as it becomes a mist.


The diffuser is made of wood and glass external components having no plastic parts to corrode when in contact with the oils like most other diffusers.

Aroma Nebulizer

SKU: 364215376135199
  • Premium water less adjustable essential oil diffusers having physical & emotional healing effectsNatural nebulizer machines are auto shut-off, perfect accent piece in your office or home.

  • Open the top glass. Put 3-5 drops of pure essential oil in the tube, switch off and enjoy the power of nature.

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